Quick Fitting Room Session

I managed to try on a few things quickly over the weekend at a nearby LOFT that has a bit more product then the smaller store I work at. I was in a hurry so I apologize in advance, I don’t have the best photos. Just wanted to share with you what I feel in love with!

I tried on 2 adorable pencil skirts and while I love them both, keep reading to see which one I went with.

First up the Striped Jacquard Pencil Skirt. Love the color combo, can’t go wrong with pink and grey. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find LOFTs pencil skirts to always be a bit snug in my ‘normal’ size and end up sizing up. I get a little more breathing room without it looking to big. I tried on both the 4 and 6 and while they both fit nice, the 6 wasn’t as tight around my bum.


Next was the Mosaic Pencil Skirt. As you can see from the smile on my face, this is the one I went with! I kinda feel like a mermaid in this skirt! 🙂 While I WISH it had a tall option online, I found the regular misses size to be ok. It does have about 1 inch of hem I could let down so I may take it to the taylor for the added length. Tall girls always appreciate any added skirt length! Again, 4 and 6 fit almost the same with just a bit extra room around my curves so I went with the 6.


I also felt like the Mosaic Pencil Skirt was more flattering. Side by side comparison… Not the best photo of the striped skirt but you get the idea.


I also tried on this adorable Botanic Tie Back Dress. The only size available for me to try on was XS and as you can tell, it’s a bit snug around the bust and waist. I can tell by how the XS fit that the small will be perfect! It is a little shorter then I like to go with dresses so I’m hoping the added length of the tall will take care of that issue. I ended up ordering the small tall online and it should arrive sometime this week!  I absolutely adore the print and again, with the rush I was in, I was not able to snap a pic of the adorable tie back but stay tuned, I’ll upload a pic of it when it arrives!


And silly me, I forgot to snap a pic of the dress that actually went home with me that day, you can see it on the wall next to me. Lol. It’s the Striped Halter Midi Dress. I spotted the dress on a mannequin and knew I had to try it on. It’s such a simple beautiful dress, great colors and very versatile. Can easily be dressed up or down. The small and xs fit almost the same, only difference was extra room in the bust area with the small. I liked the more fitted look of the xs so I ended up with that size.

That’s all for this round of try ons. I’ll upload photos of the tall botanic dress when it arrives and take a photo wearing the striped dress so you can see how adorable it is on!

UPDATE: Here’s the striped halter midi dress on…. I absolutely love it! Wore it today.


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Thank you for reading! ♥